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(because apparently she still doesn’t have enough)

Oh, she can act

Live briefs at uni- a nice pic of my bum

Okay, so let’s be honest, I’m no real writer, I’m an actor. And I’m also sorry to disclose that I am no where near as witty or sarcastic on stage as I am when writing; give me an improv situation and watch me crumble. But, if you’re lucky, this blog might involve some of that theatre magic I possess… Click to read my monologues & poems.

Oh, she arty

A very scary photo of me experimenting with paint

Let’s try and involve all those artistic skills that have been building up in me. Oh, here’s some previous lines of blue I have scraped. It’s very clearly water. Click here for art bits.

Oh, she’s traveled

Berlin 2019. One of my favourite places EVER.

I have been around the block (no, not in that way) in my time, and have many ‘a unbelievable tale. I just seem to always wind up at the wrong time and the wrong place over and over. Classic Ruby. Click here to read more of Ruby’s random rambles.

Whatever you are, be a good one.

My motto (I don’t actually know who originally said it but it’s mine now)

I cannot guarantee I will be updating this blog daily but I’m sure you’ve not seen anything quite like it. Basically just a ‘don’t take yourself, or life, too seriously’ kind of blog.

Thank you to everyone that is giving this a read.

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I thought it was finally time to have my own blog, with my own load of crap on it, not things I was told. If Cov uni has taught me anything before it left me high and dry with the coronavirus outbreak, its how to make a banging WordPress.

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